Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 10.0kW 34,000btu


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The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems PAC line is perfect for cooling commercial spaces like offices, stores, restaurants, and bars. The PAC range’s flexibility allows you to choose from a variety of models depending on your installation requirements. Our indoor units’ sleek, appealing design seamlessly blends into any environment to produce a comfortable, unwinding setting. Tremendous energy efficiency, high adaptability, and exceptionally low noise levels define the entire range.

Key Elements

• Slim design – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ new FDUM low and medium static ducted units are now only 280mm high.

• The duct design has been simplified, and a DC motor can be used to automatically achieve the ideal air volume.

• The drain pan’s condition can be examined through a transparent inspection glass without having to remove it. Maintenance access is through the right hand side or the bottom of the machine, and the fan motor and impeller are readily removed for servicing.

• Motion sensor (optional) – Based on the amount of movement, this feature detects human activity and automatically modifies the programmed temperature.

• Drain pump, 600 mm

Reduce the effects of climate change by using R32 refrigerant to safeguard the environment.



Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


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