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Our Services

We are fully qualified to carry out electrical and Fire alarm contracts.

Electrical Services:

At Fixy 247, we offer reliable and expert electrical services in London. Our team of skilled electricians is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for all your electrical needs, from installations to fault diagnosis and emergency call-outs.

Our Electrical Services Include:


Electrical Installation:


From new installations to upgrades, our electrical installation services cover residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency in every project.


Electrical Fault Diagnosis:


Experiencing electrical issues? Our experts specialize in diagnosing faults accurately to identify and resolve electrical problems promptly, ensuring the safety and functionality of your electrical systems.


Electrical Certificate and Landlord Safety Check:


Stay compliant and ensure the safety of your property with our electrical certificate services and landlord safety checks. We provide thorough inspections and certifications for peace of mind.


Emergency Call Out: 


Emergencies can happen anytime. Our 24/7 emergency call-out service ensures that our team is always available to handle urgent electrical issues to minimize disruptions and ensure safety.


Intercom Installation:


Enhance security and communication with our professional intercom installation services. We install reliable intercom systems for residential and commercial properties.


Experience peace of mind and reliable electrical solutions with Fixy 247.

Electrical Works

At Fixy 247, we offer a full range of electrical services to meet all your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Our team of experienced electricians provides top-quality installations, repairs, and maintenance to make your electrical systems safe and efficient. Whether you need a simple fix or a complex installation, we’re always there for you with reliable and professional service.

Fire Alarm

Protect your property and loved ones with our comprehensive fire alarm services. Fixy 247 specializes in the installation, maintenance, and servicing of fire alarm systems. Our expert team makes sure that your fire alarms are always in top working condition, providing you with peace of mind and enhanced safety.

Emergency Lighting

Stay safe during power outages with our emergency lighting solutions. At Fixy 247, we design, install, and maintain emergency lighting systems that provide reliable illumination when you need it most. Our services help you comply with safety regulations and keep your premises safe for occupants at all times.

Security & Intruder Alarms

Keep your property secure with Fixy 247’s advanced security and intruder alarm systems. We offer customized solutions to protect your home or business from unauthorized access and potential threats. Our state-of-the-art alarms are designed to provide maximum security and peace of mind.


Access Controls

Control who enters your premises with our efficient access control systems. Fixy 247 provides installation and maintenance services for a variety of access control solutions, including keypads, card readers, and biometric systems. Enhance the security of your property with our reliable and easy-to-use access control options. 

EICR & PAT Testing

Stay compliant and ensure the safety of your electrical systems with our EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) and PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) services. Fixy 247 offers thorough inspections and testing to identify potential hazards. Our experts make your electrical installations and appliances meet the required standards. Keep your property safe and legally compliant with our professional testing services.

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