Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 10.0kW 34,000btu


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Key Elements

• High efficiency – The adoption of DC fan motors and highly efficient heat exchangers boosted energy efficiency.

• Weight reduction – By switching from two to one fan motor, weight reduction was made possible.

• Less noise – By reducing air flow volume, reducing pressure loss with the use of one fan motor, and optimising casing and distributor form, the lowest sound pressure levels in the industry were attained.

• The flap can swing within the set upper and lower flap position range thanks to the flap control mechanism.

• Motion sensor (option) – The motion sensor, which is built into the panel, senses human movement and presence in a space to enhance comfort and efficiency.

• Refrigerant pipes from the unit can be routed in three directions: back, right, and up. This will make the installation process easier. There are two possible arrangements for the drain pipe: left and right. As a result, pipe can be laid out freely to accommodate different installation scenarios. The only way to service the appliance is from the bottom

• Reduce the effects of climate change by using R32 refrigerant to safeguard the environment.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


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