Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 4.0kW 14,000btu


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The PAC range from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries thermal systems is ideal for air conditioning offices, shops, restaurants and bars… as well as other commercial environments. The modern and attractive design of MHI indoor units is harmoniously integrated in the any atmosphere creating a pleasant and relaxing environment. The whole range is characterised by high flexibility, high energy efficiency and extremely low noise levels. This range of four way compact ceiling cassettes allows the use of ceiling mounted cassette systems within small areas.
Key Features 
• Integrated ceiling system design (600×600) – A grille designed with a unique structure and a clean white panel that blends with the room
• Compact Design – Its only 14kg, height of thin panel and main body is only 248mm allowing a very easy installation 
• Draft prevention panel (option) – Draft prevention panel prevents cold/hot draft being blown directly on the user
• Motion Sensor (option) – Motion sensor is equipped in the corner of the panel and detects the presence/absence and activity of humans in a room to improve the comfort and energy saving performance of the unit
• Individual Flap control system – According to room temperature conditions, four directions of air flow can be controlled individually by following flap control system
• Suitable for high ceilings – The powerful blowout of ultra-high tap carries comfortable air flow to foot even high ceilings
• Quieter Operation – Adopting new turbo fan and improving new heat exchanger to reduce noise
• 850mm Drain pump 
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change 


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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