Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6.0kW 20,000btu


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Innovative multi-split systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries thermal systems, the Multi DC inverter line, provide the ideal solution for air conditioning comfort in a variety of settings. Up to six different rooms can be cooled or heated by a single outdoor unit. It is possible to cool any indoor area by utilising a variety of small, beautiful indoor units that come in 6 various forms. Extremely low noise levels, exceptional energy efficiency, and high adaptability are the defining features of the entire range.

Key Elements

1-2 minimum and maximum connectable indoor units

– The new R32 refrigerant’s high energy efficiency

– It has a 1.5 times greater potential refrigerating impact than R410a, which means it requires less energy to run and less refrigerant volume to reach the target temperature.

– Comfortable and quiet

– All outdoor units have quiet operation installed, which contributes to the outdoor units’ low noise levels from the use of dual rotary compressors.

– Wide operational range

– Raising the temperature range to 46?C

– Flexible installation options

– You are free to select the location of the indoor units to maximise interior comfort and space.

– Refrigerant R32

– Reduce the effects of climate change to safeguard the environment.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


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