Mitsubishi 10.0KW Diamond ZR WIFI series


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The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries range of SRK wall mounted system is a popular choice for residential, office and shop applications. The Diamond units offer the highest level of efficiency and feature state of the art inverter motors for maximum energy saving.

***WI-FI Enabled***

Key Features
• Energy saving – The automatic control of energy saving is done by detecting human activity. Human activity is detected by the motion sensor that is installed in the unit, the air conditioner adjusts its cooling/heating capacity according to demand
• Auto power off – The air conditioning stop working and goes into ‘stand by’ mode after 1 hour of absence
• Weekly timer – Up to 4 programs with timer operation (On/Off) are available for each day of the week, a maximum of 28 programs per week can be configured. Once set, the timer operation will repeat the same program every week unless otherwise cancelled
• Sleep timer – Not too much cooling/heating is needed when people go to sleep. This function achieves moderate cooling/heating by adjusting its capacity and more energy savings as well
• Photo-catalytic washable deodorising filter – It will keep the air fresh by deodorising the molecules that cause odour
• Auto cleaning mode – The self-cleaning operation works for 2 hours after the unit has stopped working normally. The indoor unit dries out and the mould growth is restricted
• Allergen cleaning filter
• Auto Flap
• Memory louvre
• Vertical & horizontal auto swing
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change

****Whilst we offer a like for like price match guarantee please note all our Mitsubishi systems come with 7 years parts warranty as we are Mitsubishi Diamond Business Partners due to our continued commitment to these products and the manufacturer. Please ensure the price match is like for like with our competitor’s as most suppliers only allow for 3 years warranty****

Please note this system has to be installed by an FGAS certified installer in accordance with FGAS Regulations & in order to validate and maintain the above manufacturers parts warranty– we have a team of installers and service engineers nationwide and we’d like to install this system for you. Please contact us for installation price.



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