LG 2.5kW 9,000btu


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The LG console is a low-mounted, heating and cooling device for a soothing environment. The chic and small indoor units are great for heating and cooling conservatories and living rooms because they are only 600mm tall and will fit onto most residential dwarf walls.

Key Elements

• Change in air flow direction – During the cooling process, the vane moves upward to point the air flow upward. The vane balances the temperature of the space by directing heated air downward, especially for the floor.

• Five-stage vane control – There are five phases to control the direction of the airflow.

• 3 stage air filter system for healthier air – There are 3 stages to the air filter system. First off, the antibacterial pre-filter mainly decreases quilt dust and big dust particles. Second, an enzyme-based screen breaks down allergens. Finally, the sterile ion generator generates about 1.2 million ions, some of which trap dangerous gases in the air.
Reduce the effects of climate change by using R32 refrigerant to safeguard the environment.




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