LG 3.5kW 12,000btu


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The multi-split air conditioning system from LG is a sleek and comfortable cooling and heating option that will keep you competitive. With two, three, four, or up to nine interior units running from a single outside unit, LG’s multi-split system offers incredibly efficient cooling and heating. As part of a multi-split system, LG offers a variety of R32 wall mounted, ceiling mounted cassettes, ducted, and console air conditioning units. The LG Standard Plus wall-mounted multi-split unit has a number of advantages, such as the dual protection filter that guards against odours and dangerous substances.

Key Elements

• Auto Cleaning: Removing hazardous particles from the filter with frequent airflow cleans the filter, reducing the buildup of germs, mould, and odours inside a building.

• The Standard Plus 4-way swing louvres keep the area cool and comfortable, and the huge skewer fan integrated allows the cool air flow to reach all corners of a room.

• The fast cooling features offer a high-speed airflow that is optimised for efficiency and can cool rooms more quickly while still distributing air equally in all directions.

• With only one click, the Jet cool mode drops air temperatures to just 18 degrees C for 30 minutes.

• 19 dB is a low noise level.

Reduce the effects of climate change by using R32 refrigerant to safeguard the environment.




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