LG 7.5kW 26,000btu


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LG Cassette type indoor unit is equipped with the air purification function. It offers a solution to the problem of ultrafine dust that harms our bodies, this is that CAC*-certified, high performance product that delivers clean, cool air to your large space. These LG compact cassette units can provide year round heating and cooling using the latest R32 refrigerant.
Key Features
• Compact Design & Size – New 4 Way Cassette panel – Its panel size is fit into the ceiling tile. The indoor unit with slim and compact dimensions has reduced the restrictions which enables successful installation in various spaces.
• Provide Healthy Air in a large space – It can cover 147m² to create a clean and healthy environment in various vertical spaces, such as schools, offices and shopping centers 
• Air Purifying Filter – Powerful 4 step air-purifying filter removes up to 99.9% PM 1.0 ultrafine dust. In addition, it can be used semi-permanently, as it can be maintained by washing with water without a regular change of the filter.
• Auto Elevation Grille – Auto elevation Grille allows easy filter cleaning with 4-point support structure, auto levelling and auto stop detection features and memory located at user’s level
• Quiet Operation – Its very quiet so you won’t even notice that the air conditioner is running while it comfortably cools your air 
• High Ceiling Mode – Powerful airflow can reach every corner and optimally cool a space, even from a ceiling as high 4.2m
• Independent Vane Operation – Each Vane moves independently so that wind blows at flexible angles 
• Wide Jet Airflow – Length of each vane has increased, which enables wide airflow distribution 
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change



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