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LG 5.0kW 18,000btu


£ 1107.14 (ex. VAT) 00 (incl. VAT)

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SKU: UQ18F-NA0/UUB1-U20 Categories: , ,


The new LG floor standing air conditioner is ideal for modern interiors in your home office. This is a floor standing type that blends in perfectly with the surrounding decor. Clean and fresh air conditioning is ensures with a high level of cooling performance and air purifying operation. 
Key Features 
• Stylish design 
• Slim design – It’s slim in depth, which enables convenient and universal interior design 
• Hidden display – Hidden display shows up only when user touches the screen 
• Excellent performance – World class high efficiency is renewed every year 
• Quick cooling – Power cooling function provides faster and high cooling performance 
• Power airflow – Enjoy the 3D windblast that reaches up to 20 meters, which allows fresh and comfortable cooling much sooner
• Controller – No need to learn extra, simply see and press



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