LG 5.0kW 18,000btu


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The new range of ducted units from LG offers discrete heating and air conditioning to homes and business premises. The latest ducted units use R32 refrigerant, this offers very low running cost in both heating and air conditioning mode.
Key Features 
• Invisible cooling & heating – LG Ducted air conditioner is a comfortable cooling and heating solution that does not hurt the interior aesthetics
• External Static Pressure (ESP) control – Regardless of external static pressure, optimal airflow cools every room and every corner of your house or office consistently and accurately to reach desired temperature
• Two Thermistors control – Comfortable atmosphere is ensured with dual temperatures sensors 
• Design excellence 
• High head drain pump – High head drain pump automatically drains water up to a height of 700mm of drain –head height, it provides the perfect solution for drain water 
• Minimized height & depth – New low static ducts provide ideal solution for installation in limited space
• Quiet operation – The noise level of low static ducts has been reduced, even though ESP has been increased
• Flexible Installation – Air intake can be from the bottom or from the rear, which makes the installation flexible 
• Easy Service & Maintenance – Users are not required to dissemble the whole panel for maintenance; since the panel is divided into 2 components; one for heat exchanger and the other for fan/motor. The user can easily detach and re-attach the filter in the available limited spaced. 
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change



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