Hitachi 3.5kW 12,000btu


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This Hitachi R32 multi-split is the ideal answer for homes, little workplaces and lodgings where you want environment control is various spaces. The compact 620 x 620 mm panel that fits into a standard ceiling tile and a pipe run of up to 30 meters make Hitachi’s light commercial R32 multi-split cassette indoor units easy to install. High efficiencies, high-quality engineering, and stylish design make Hitachi’s light commercial air conditioning equipment a bridge between residential and commercial products.

Enhanced comfort – This system allows us to choose where to measure the set point temperature (in the control, in the return, or the average of both values) – this feature ensures enhanced comfort in the room

Key Elements:

• First-class energy efficiency – Lower energy consumption thanks to its A+++ energy rating* – use your air conditioning while barely noticing its effects on your electricity bill

• Individual louvre control – Each louvre of the cassette can be individually controlled for a comfortable air flow and adaptability to all room configuration

• Customer control: With the Eco control, you can create multiple custom profiles to suit your specific preferences. In addition, the height difference between them can reach up to 20 meters.

• Compatible with Hi-Kumo Wi-Fi control – This control can be used to turn the unit on or off, increase or decrease the temperature, or program the system from anywhere in the world. You can also see your energy use in real time and compare the data month to month. To connect to the air conditioner, all you need is a mobile phone, an internet connection, and (optional) Wi-Fi equipment.

• R32 refrigerant – Reduce the impact of climate change on the planet.





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