Hitachi 3.5kW 12,000btu


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Hitachi’s light commercial range of air conditioning equipment bridges the gap between domestic and commercial product, offering high efficiencies, quality engineering and stylish design. These products are targeted at the light commercial market such as small to medium sized commercial office development, restaurants and retail applications. The compact concealed ducted solution is low height (270mm) with high performance (150Pa ESP). It allows flexibility and individual zone control of each interior space to maintain consistent temperatures and airflow distribution.
Operation down to -15 °C
Key Features
• All Hitachi’s units offer high seasonal efficiency, with models in the light commercial ducted range achieving up to SEER A++ 6.20/SCOP A+ 4.40
• High static pressure – Since the unit has 150Pa pressure, the ducts unit can be installed wherever they cause least disturbance. The user therefore does not have to worry about not getting enough air to the room furthest away 
• First-class energy efficiency – Lower energy consumption thanks to its A++ energy rating * – use your air conditioning while barely noticing its effect on your electricity bill
• Enhanced comfort – This system allows us to choose where to measure the set point temperature (in the control, in the return, or the average of both values). This feature ensures enhanced comfort in the room
• Condensate pump included – The LC duct is fitted with its own pump to automatically remove condensate liquid – no need to purchase additionally 
• Flexible installation – There is up to 30m of cooling pipe between the indoor and outdoor units, meaning the system can be installed almost anywhere in the building. Furthermore, the height difference between them can reach up to 20m
• The outdoor unit air inlet and outlet can be routed through the rear or bottom of the unit, easily adapting to the structure of the building and room. In addition the ducts can be half or fully open, or closed 
• Compatible with Hi-Kumo Wi-Fi control – This control can be used to turn the unit on or off, increase or decreases the temperature, or programme the system from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile phone, internet connection and Wi-Fi equipment (optional) to connect to the air unit
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change



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